Angelina Darrisaw

Founder & CEO @CSuiteCoach. Proud MBlB, Pantene Brand Ambassador. Lifelong Vegetarian. Beauty Pageant Vet.

Angelina Darrisaw is an international business and career coach, with a client base that includes Australia, Israel, Canada, and more. She is the founder of C-Suite Coach, a career coaching and content platform that provides affordable and accessible coaching and career content to millennial professionals with diverse backgrounds. She facilitates transformative professional development workshops to young professionals and students. As a coach, she has been featured across various media outlets, including Monster, Levo, Essence and FastCompany. She regularly contributes to Huffington Post on issues of diversity, business and empowerment. As a P&G My Black is Beautiful National Ambassador, she has appeared in Oprah Magazine, Buzzfeed, BET, Refinery29 and more.