Krisha Young

Lifestyle Strategist & #sabotageslayer

Krisha Young doesn’t say the “D” word. She doesn’t believe in it. What she believes is that your mind is the key to your body (psst! and your life and business!). Why take meds? Why not take kale instead? Krisha developed The Method to help people Make Peace With Food (and within). And her clients adore her for this powerful new way of looking at losing weight and feeling happier. She believes despite the people and pressure around you – hello, CEO Mama! – you can live your best life. She proves that to her clients who go through The Krisha Young Method, learning to control who they are becoming by changing the way they think and act around food. A graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Krisha launched an international health and wellness business that serves clients all over the world, and has also been featured in Huffington Post, I Heart Radio and several Podcasts. Because she has a ton of powerful ideas that are changing the way we see food. Not changing our seafood, though. Without optimal health and a peaceful mindset, Krisha Young knows efficiency, productivity, and profits suffer. That’s the residue of her corporate life spilling into her entrepreneurial one. And she likes it like that. So put down the muffin. Pull up a chair. She also does corporate talks, public speaking and can be found on many social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter,and Facebook. Find out how you can Feel deliciously gorgeous Learn 7 Easy Ways to Look Younger, Feel Better & Live Healthier And a whole new refreshing outlook towards the healthy lifestyle you want. A ton of kale went to slaughter in the writing of this bio...

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