Orion Talmay

Love Coach, Transformation Expert and International Speaker

Orion Talmay is a love coach, transformation expert and international speaker. She works with successful high achievers and helps them unleash their feminine power and become a magnet for conscious relationships and love. She is the founder of Orion's Method and the host of the popular podcast Stellar Life. She helps women to truly love themselves, elevate confidence, ignite their passion and create a sense of freedom ease and flow. Orion’s Method is combining the physical, mental, sensual and spiritual aspects to create an integrated transformation. The system dissolves blocks in the subconscious mind through NLP/ hypnotic techniques, somatic techniques and advanced nutrition supplementation and biohacks. Orion is a world traveler who has learned from leading luminaries in personal development, health/wellness, spirituality, relationships and sexuality arenas. As a former personal trainer, She holds multiple teaching certifications. Orion is also a contributor for and The Huffington Post.