Richard B. Hollis

Founder and CEO, Holonis Inc.

Richard B. Hollis is an experienced business leader and entrepreneur, with over three decades of experience ranging from devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, software and digital technology, while concentrating on some of the biggest medical issues facing humanity today such as global infectious diseases (malaria, HIV, TB), acute radiation syndrome, prostate and breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diseases related to aging such as diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, and autoimmune disorders.

Hollis founded Holonis, Inc. after extensive research revealed an opportunity to create an engine for commerce on the web utilizing the connections of DNA encoded as software, creating a vision for translating this knowledge to digital applications that would embed business logic and wisdom as algorithmic information providing instructional functions that automate commerce. This vision for rebooting the world of commerce to the digital age was created with a biological model of bio-mimicry and principles of integration based on Holons.

Hollis began his career in product sales with Baxter Travenol (today Baxter International), where he specialized in launching and marketing parenteral, enteral and intravenous solutions to hospitals and nursing homes. He then joined IMED Corporation, a world leader in drug delivery devices in the 1980s, where he rapidly advanced through numerous sales, marketing and managerial positions. When IMED was acquired by Warner Lambert (today part of Pfizer Inc.), Hollis was one of two Division Managers at IMED. After leaving Warner Lambert, Hollis joined Genentech, Inc., as Western Business Unit Manager as the Bay Area biotechnology revolution was unfolding.

At Genentech, Hollis was instrumental in the launch of two blockbuster pharmaceutical products - Protropin (human growth hormone) and Activase (tissue plasiminogen activator). Following those successful product launches, Hollis joined Instromedix, a manufacturer of cardiac monitoring devices, as General Manager and Vice President of Marketing and Sales, and subsequently was named Chief Operating Officer of Bioject Medical, a manufacturer of needleless drug delivery devices. In 1994 he acted on his vision of founding a new pharmaceutical company, Hollis-Eden, which he initially self-funded and successfully brought public in 1997. He served as founder, chairman and CEO for 16 years while addressing global infectious diseases, diseases related to aging, and medical countermeasures against nuclear warfare.

Hollis received his BA in Psychology from San Francisco State University after studying the humanities while attending St. Mary's College.

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