Roxanne Watson

Heart Transplant Recipient Volunteer Live On NY,UNOS Ambassador & Womenheart Champion

Former successful retail executive working in the industry for many years prior to my silent heart attack in 2006.In 2006 went into intense cardiac care and had to eventually be placed on the transplant "LIST" in 2008.Two more tough years waiting and dying then received the gift of life in the form of a new heart in 2010.Had the great honor to meet my donors family on '"Ask Oprahs' Allstars Show" in 2011 and dedicated my remaining life to the cause of women's heart health, organ,eye,and tissue donation to honor my donor.Since transplant I have met some famous people and some amazing regular folks sharing my story.No better story then mine sharing what the real gift of life means to a donor family and a thankful recipient.Because of that story I have been able to sign up thousands of new donors.These new signups are my gift back to my donors honor United States Coastguard Serviceman E3 Fireman Michael Blain Bovill