Susan MacTavish Best

Founder, Living MacTavish

In 2011, Susan launched Living MacTavish, a lifestyle brand. At she documents the recipes and foods she cooks, the parties she hosts, her personal style, and writes about how to entertain with ease and flair in an always-on world. Susan is passionate about getting people to slow down for a spell to enjoy friends and family over food, drink and spirited conversation.

Susan has run her own successful public relations firm, Best PR, for many years working with prominent clients in the tech industry. She is on the advisory boards of a number of startups, and an active mentor to entrepreneurs. Susan is on the external advisory board of the Yale School of Nursing as well as the UC Berkeley Center for New Media, and is an executive producer on craigslist TV. Susan was also the founder and editor-in-chief of one of the Bay Area's first online guides called Posthoc.

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