Michael J. Fox

Fox said he hoped he wasn't being indiscreet, but told the anecdote about the late "Friends" star anyway.
The actor said DiCaprio’s role in a popular Quentin Tarantino film reminded him of his own real-life struggles.
The actor said he experiences falls frequently because the disease makes it hard for him to have balance.
“You don’t die from Parkinson’s. You die with Parkinson’s,” said the actor, who was diagnosed with the disease at 29.
Even Tom Wilson, who portrayed Hill Valley High's tyrannical bully, joined in on the fun — which saw all four cast members together in Portland, Oregon.
The actor earned an honorary Oscar on Saturday for his philanthropic work and took the podium to thank his Hollywood peers for their "remarkable" support.
Michael J. Fox, Euzhan Palcy, Peter Weir and Diane Warren were celebrated with honorary Oscar statuettes at the Governors Awards.
It was the highest-grossing film of 1985 and a box-office smash.
The "Back to the Future" stars warmly embraced on stage in a touching moment that's now been seen millions of times online.
Fox said that Trump — who served as inspiration for "Back to the Future" antagonist Biff Tannen — has preyed upon "every worst instinct in mankind."