10 Signs You're Addicted To The Investigation Discovery Channel

10 Signs You're Addicted To The Investigation Discovery Channel

Call us sadistic weirdos, but we Investigation Discovery addicts just love being paralyzed with fear. The ID channel provides us with outrageous true crime stories 24 hours a day, keeping us so freaked out and on edge that we can't go to sleep. Next thing we know, it's 3 a.m and we're on our fifth episode of "Who The Bleep Did I Marry." It's a vicious cycle, man, but we just can't get enough.

Here are 10 signs you're addicted to Investigation Discovery.

1. You’ve woken up roommates by screaming various things at the television, including but not limited to: "CALL THE COPS!" "LEAVE THE HOUSE!" "GRAB THE GUN!" "DID SHE SERIOUSLY NOT CALL THE COPS YET?

2. After watching an ID show, you double and triple check that ALL your doors and windows are locked.


3. You vow to sign up for self-defense class or at least invest in some pepper spray.


4. You’ve considered doing a background check on your significant other, because you just never know.


5. You’re dying to shake the hand of whoever came up with the show titles, “Who the Bleep Did I marry” and “Wives with Knives.” Too good.


6. The crazier the reenactments, the better the show.


7. Dramatic narrators can totally make or break your viewer experience.


8. It sends chills down your spine when you see the real criminal’s mugshot, especially if his or her release date from prison is approaching.


9. You’re always proud when the victim of the crime lives to tell the tale.


10. You don’t care when people judge you for watching ID for hours on end, because in your mind you’re just preparing yourself in case the unthinkable happens.


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