4 Clues Trump is Working for Russia

4 Clues Trump is Working for Russia
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Four Disturbing clues that we now have a Russian patsy in the White House and one scary conclusion.

by Dimitri Ehrlich

1. As my 86 year-old mother pointed out, why did Trump--an incurious bastard with little to zero knowledge or interest in global affairs--suddenly start saying last spring that we should get rid of NATO? That would obviously be at the top of Putin's wishlist.

2. On the campaign trail, Trump said if he were president Russia would not invade the Crimea. When told that that had already happened, and America had put sanctions in place, Trump floated the idea (back in July 2016) that we should lift those sanctions. Again, obviously the lifting of sanctions would be one of Putin's priorities as the sanctions are hurting his economy.

3. The third clue comes not from Trump's actions but Putin's glaringly mysterious inaction: after Obama kicked out dozens of Russian ambassadors in December, everyone expected Putin to respond in kind. Oddly, he didn't. That's not like him. Could it be because he knew that he would soon have a man he could control in the White House? Putin is a former KGB officer. Blackmail is a classic KGB method to control political opponents. In Soviet times, they had an entire department whose aim was to gather compromising material.

4. Why did Trump choose Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State? Tillerson is a good friend of Putin and as head of Exxon Mobil, a key player in Putin's strategic agenda to gain control of natural resources--money from which shores up his political power.

Let's assume for a moment that Trump has extensive business dealings and debt in Russia. We don't know yet since he hasn't released his taxes. We can also reasonably speculate that the Russians have security footage of Trump in at least one Moscow hotel room with prostitutes. He was traveling to Russia long before he considered running for office and clearly doesn't think very far ahead. He has bragged about cheating on his wives and it's easy to imagine he could have been set up with a gift of sex workers or strippers being sent to his room.

The problem is this: clearly, Trump is willing to do anything to avoid public humiliation. But what if John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other traditional staunchly anti Russian senators in the GOP stymie Trump in his efforts to do Putin's bidding?

If he is unable to keep up his end of the agreement with Putin, could Trump be forced into a situation where war and even a nuclear option becomes his only way to avoid being exposed?
Would this narcissistic buffoon rather kill us all than be publicly shamed and impeached?

Oh my God

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