'The 420 Times' Goes 3D: Pot Porn Enters The Third Dimension For April 20 Edition

Pot Porn Enters The Third Dimension

In an attempt to throw out a little additional red meat (or green leaves?) to its readers, The 420 Times, a monthly magazine dedicated to all things medical marijuana, is presenting its April 20 edition in three dimensions.

The magazine, which comes with a pair of 3D glasses, is filled with crisp images ranging from close-ups of various marijuana strains to extreme close-ups of plants taken under an electron microscope. Some of the ads even appear to be printed in 3D. Although less visually compelling, the 4/20 edition of the Times also includes a number of articles about the date, interviews with medical marijuana patients and a variety of pot advocacy pieces.

April 20 has been celebrated by pot smokers for decades, and marijuana magazines have trended toward pot-porn for just as long, with centerfolds that smokers gaze at longingly. While there are countless explanations for the date's significance, HuffPost's Ryan Grim has worked for years to bring some clarity to the issue. Read his piece on 420 here.

Dave Brian, editor of The 420 Times, says many people use the day simply to honor the progress the medical marijuana movement has made.

“4/20 has always been a very special day for our readers” he said. “Even though it’s a day for people to celebrate the progress medical marijuana and legalization efforts have made recently -- this year, it’s about to get a little bit more trippy.”

The 420 Times is available for free at over 600 locations in Southern California at 7-Eleven stores, Whole Foods Markets and alternative retailers. Online, people can visit The 420 Times at www.the420times.com and also check out their pages on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Check back later in the week for more 4/20 coverage from The Huffington Post.

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