A Day For Detroit: The Blog World Rallies Behind The City's Endangered Art Collection

A group of over 20 art bloggers have rallied together today to proclaim August 14, 2013 "A Day For Detroit." The collaborative effort aims to raise awareness of the city's endangered art collection by challenging residents and art admirers to post examples of their favorite artworks housed at the Detroit Art Institute on the web.

All day long, various members of the online art world are encouraged to feature an image and description of a beloved Detroit masterpiece on their websites and social media accounts, spreading the word about what might be lost if the city decides to sell its prestigious paintings and sculptures in the face of bankruptcy.

The project -- spearheaded by Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes -- will bring attention to some of the DIA's hidden treasures. While you might be aware of the pricey Vincent van Gogh self-portrait or the stunning Henri Matisse painting in the museum's possession, bloggers today are highlighting works from lesser known artists, like the late contemporary multimedia artist Mike Kelley and 15th century Flemish painter Jan van Eyck.

Check out the list of the participating bloggers below. If you'd like to participate, use the hashtag #DayDetroit and share your thoughts on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. For more on the Detroit's art sale scare, read our original article here.

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