Alex Jones: Glenn Beck Is 'Despicable,' Stole My Work (VIDEO)


Alex Jones hit back at Glenn Beck during an appearance on HuffPost Live on Friday, alleging that Beck has taken credit for his work and calling him "despicable."

Jones, a radio host, recently directed a pro-gun tirade at Piers Morgan on CNN. After seeing the rant, Beck called Jones "a fascist," among other things. When asked to respond to Beck's comments, Jones did not hold back.

"Glenn Beck has basically taken my research... five years ago, he said everything I talked about was a lie," he said. "He's taken the stuff that I put out, that's true, re-worked it, re-engineered it, neoconned it and then rolled it out later so he's mad that I'm getting on hundreds of stations, he's mad that I'm getting attention."

"I'm not here trying to be numero uno like Glenn Beck," Jones added. "I'm here trying to save our Bill of Rights and Constitution."

He pushed back against Beck's other claims about his work, and tore into Beck's attempt to rebrand The Blaze as a "libertarian" network. Beck is "not consistent," Jones blasted. "And he really disdains his audience and he's another despicable person just like Piers Morgan."

This was before Jones capped his HuffPost Live appearance with yet another angry monologue. He was cut off after yelling, "YOU'RE IN DANGER! WAKE UP! GET OUT OF YOUR TRANCE! THEY SHOULD HAVE RESISTED HITLER LIKE THIS!"

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