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"The Good Place" star called her fellow Brit an "irrelevant s**t stain, smeared across our country."
The British media personality's criticism of the U.S. team's World Cup-winning celebrations did not go over well.
The former New Jersey governor, however, refused to criticize Trump’s behavior directly during his trip abroad.
The "Late Show" host said Trump admitted to something very unusual this week.
The military veteran called out the president for what he said to Piers Morgan about not serving in the Vietnam War.
President Donald Trump used an interview with “Good Morning Britain” to defend his ban on transgender troops.
“I’m proud of them, but you have to have a standard," the president said in an interview with Piers Morgan in London.
The president also told Piers Morgan that he *almost* spoke to Prince Harry about it.
The talk show host said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's choice of name is "silly."
"She's going to hate me after this," Scary Spice said after her spicy story to Piers Morgan about a tryst with Ginger Spice.
“It’s one of the most patronizing things I’ve ever seen anyone do,” Morgan said of the Duchess of Sussex's gesture for sex workers.
"You'd break the Scaramucci in-out record, trust me."
The British TV personality slammed Ellen DeGeneres and Little Mix in recent days, and Grande isn't having it.
The former "Celebrity Apprentice" winner calls out the president on gun control.
“This pie is for all those men that wear papooses," said British comedian Harry Hill as he launched the pie into the "Good Morning Britain" host's face.
A provocative Instagram photo sparked more nastiness from the trolling TV personality -- and a response from the plus-size model.