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The Duke of Sussex will be the first senior royal since the 19th century to head to the witness box.
Look, you gotta do something to pass the time when you're home "sick."
The British news personality had planned to speak with the porn actor linked to an investigation of the now-indicted Donald Trump.
The British news personality seemed to be stumping for DeSantis over Donald Trump.
“I don’t remember ever doing that, I’m telling you” DeSantis insisted.
Piers Morgan asked the Florida governor which of the former president's mocking monikers he preferred.
“We have to agree that there’s a certain reality to the world we live in," the Florida governor and possible 2024 rival said.
The embattled lawmaker awkwardly navigated a volley of questions about the biggest lies he's been accused of telling.
“You don’t want freedom, Piers,” Jones screeched before the interview came to a sudden close.
The soccer superstar told Piers Morgan that losing his baby son was "the worst moment" of his life.