An Open Letter To Congressman Ken Buck

Your constituents need you. The country needs you.
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Congressman Buck,

Your constituents need you. The country needs you.

In December 2015, after Donald Trump first proposed a ban on Muslims, you called him a “fraud” and said that “Trump’s proposal (to ban all Muslims) violates the Constitution, the values of our nation, the Republican Party platform, and my conscience.” You made a similar statement in September, at a town hall meeting in Lamar. In fact, you were quite adamant about those points when a constituent in the audience suggested banning Muslims. In your response, you spoke of religious liberty and referred to your positive experiences with the Somali community in Weld County.

Where is that passion now?

President Trump’s executive order banning travelers from seven Muslim nations is no less offense today than it was when then-candidate Trump proposed such a ban during his campaign. Donald Trump is still a fraud, just like you said - a fact that is becoming more obvious with each passing day. The only thing that seems to have changed is your position.

The Somali community in Weld County is not the only group in CD-4 affected by the President’s unconstitutional policy. This ban affects students, workers, families, and, more tragically, refugees who may die if they are denied asylum. Other nations, including Canada, have stepped up to help. Sadly, the United States has failed in our role as the world’s moral leader.

I urge you to be the leader you were elected to be. Your constituents need to know that you will stand up to Donald Trump on this and other issues that affect the people of CD-4. Your silence sends the message that you either will not or can’t.

Bob Seay

Former Candidate for Congress, CD-4.

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