Ann Coulter Calls Khizr Khan A 'Snarling Muslim'

She blames the "media's endless attack on Trump" for the controversy.

Ann Coulter is mouthing off again.

In an interview with Australian commentator Andrew Bolt on Monday, the conservative Donald Trump supporter called the father of slain soldier Humayun Khan a “snarling Muslim” for his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Earlier this summer Trump had dissed Khizr Khan for his DNC speech in which the father noted the GOP nominee’s lack of sacrifice and “the blackness of his character, of his soul.” Trump snapped back that the soldier’s father did all the talking because the mother probably wasn’t allowed to.

Bolt brought up the controversy on Sky News Australia’s “The Bolt Report,” saying he didn’t think anyone should criticize the parents of a “soldier who died in battle.”

Coulter disagreed and attributed the resulting furor to the “media’s endless attack on Trump.”

“I don’t know America very well if they want to listen to a snarling Muslim lecture them and tell us we’re not allowed to have opinions on important public policy issues unless we had a son die in Iraq,” she said.

Here’s the exchange: