Anthony Bourdain Previews CNN Show 'Parts Unknown' (VIDEO)

Anthony Bourdain's CNN series "Parts Unknown" is premiering in a few days, and the network has been teasing the show.

The show debuts on Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. Speaking on Monday's "Starting Point," Bourdain said that CNN offered him international access that he never had before. "Places like Congo, Libya, Myanmar, would have been very, very tricky to do elsewhere," he explained.

Bourdain traveled to war-ravaged Myanmar for his premiere episode. He said that it would have been impossible for a Western film crew to enter the country just last year. "We're really one of the first crews to have gone in and really shown a big slice, not all, but a big slice of a country that a lot of people haven't seen," he said.

He also traveled to Congo, which he described as "the most terrifying, stressful, physically different shoot" of his life.

Bourdain's CNN show was announced last May. Below, watch a preview of Bourdain's premiere episode.



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