Arianna Huffington: Sleep Deprivation Is The New Smoking

"We need to glamorize people who are fully recharged and ready to face the world."

Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington appeared on Access Hollywood with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Thursday morning to talk about her new book The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night At A Time.

"All the science now shows that sleep is a huge performance enhancer,” Huffington said. “When we wake up fully recharged, our health is better, our productivity and creativity are better and we're happier."

"Remember how in the 50s we used to glamorize smoking?" Huffington said. "Now sleep deprivation is the new smoking. We need to glamorize people who are fully recharged and ready to face the world."

Huffington spoke about the importance of creating a transition period to help people ease their minds and bodies into sleep.

"My own ritual," she said, "involves taking a hot bath with candles because I love rekindling the romance with sleep." And by removing all her electronic devices from her bedroom, she avoids distractions like social media and email that can keep us from getting the sleep we need.

Arianna also talked about her #SleepRevolution tour of 300 colleges to help students understand the need to prioritize sleep. "That's better for their grades," she said, "it's better for their social life and it's better for their mental health, too."

Eventually, the conversation turned to politics -- in particular, the sleep habits of Donald Trump. "The Donald has said that he sleeps between 90 minutes and four hours a night," Bush pointed to Huffington.

Huffington replied that Trump displays all of the symptoms of someone who is chronically sleep deprived, including an "inability to process even simple information, mood swings, anger outbursts.” She continued: "I think he's a clear and present danger. We need to acknowledge that."

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