7 At-Home Massage Products To Give Your Body Relief

Turn your personal space into a relaxing spa with these expert-backed recommendations.
Try these products the next time you're feeling any stiffness.
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Try these products the next time you're feeling any stiffness.

Have tense muscles after a long day of work (or just simply being a human)?

Save a trip to a spa or a massage studio. There are plenty of products you can use at home to decrease tension and relieve pressure in your body to give it some much-needed relief.

If you’re looking to keep your muscles limber and healthy, here are some products that’ll do the trick.

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A massaging body bar
“Massage bars help to reduce soreness and discomfort and are less messy when built into solid form than in base oil form,” said Tai Hall, a massage therapist and owner of Taime Out Massage Studios.

This massage bar can be custom made with any scent, like lavender or a unique massage relief blend.

Get the Solid Lotion Massage Bar from Etsy for $10.
A massage gun
Kevin Dwayne, a certified personal trainer, recommends using a massage gun to help release muscle tension and reduce inflammation.

Hydragun is a quiet massage gun with a 12mm amplitude tip, which you can use for an at-home deep tissue massage. You can customize the intensity of your massage to best vibrate your muscles for instant relief.

Get the percussion massager from Hydragun for $299.
A nourishing body lotion
Equipped with a botanical blend of nutrients, this lotion will help you decompress and decrease tension in your body. All you gotta do is pump a little bit of lotion on your hands and gently massage areas of your body in circular motions. This will also help relax and loosen up tight muscles, Hall said.

Get the Silky Body Lotion from Elina Organics for $28.
A foot massager
Treat your feet with heat using truMedic’s foot massager. This ergonomic tool helps relieve pressure and soreness in your foot muscles by targeting specific acupressure points in the feet through its combination of rollers, heat and airbag compression. You can customize the intensity and massage modes on the device to give yourself a foot massage of your dreams.

Get the truMedic Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat from Walmart for $199.97.
Bath salts
If your entire body is aching after a long day, hop into the bathtub filled with warm water and these eucalyptus bath salts. A soak will soothe every part of your body, from your head to your toes.

“Bath salts can aid in reducing cramping in spastic muscles, tension headaches, and stress around joints,” Hall said.

Get the Evolution Salt Eucalyptus Himalayan Pink Bath Salt from Amazon for $16.12.
A body balm
Give your body relief with this soothing balm. Infused with natural oils like juniper and lavender, this balm will leave you feeling warm and tingly after you massage it onto your muscles.

Get the Warm-Up Massage Balm from Elemis starting at $10.
A bamboo mattress
The surface on which you sleep influences how relaxed your muscles can get, said Jonathan Leary, chiropractor and owner of Remedy Place. He recommends a soft mattress that can support your body, such as a memory foam mattress.

Cariloha’s classic mattress is made with memory foam and plush viscose from bamboo. The mattress relieves pressure and adapts to your body shape, decreasing pressure off the body’s main contour points and giving you a good night’s sleep.

Get the Classic Bamboo Mattress from Cariloha starting at $700.

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