It can happen to anyone in any career. Therapists explain what to do if these signs sound familiar.
Certain behaviors and habits are encouraged in women to keep them small and in line.
"I really didn’t even recognize how he was perceiving it until he asked, ‘Are you crying?’ two or three times throughout."
It's a luxurious way to pamper yourself without breaking the bank.
Don't be mad at me when you buy this makeup brush cleaner only to realize your brushes were actually so dirty.
I can guarantee you that you'll be tempted to own every last item.
Travel back in time with the lo-fi and extraordinarily comforting power of a hot water bottle.
"The truth is I had been a kid from the middle of the Ontario countryside without a great voice and, somehow, I had landed in the lap of musical royalty."
From things to help you relax, to yummy kitchen goodies, to fun books — time to gift yourself all the things you friends and family didn't think to get you.