NBC Journalist Shows CPAC Head Matt Schlapp The Nazis Who Attended

Despite denials from the top, there was clearly a white supremacist presence at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The head honcho of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) went scorched-earth on an NBC News report that noted the number of Nazis at its annual gathering this weekend.

But Matt Schlapp’s furious denial of a Nazi presence at CPAC seemed to fall apart after the reporter who wrote the article brought the receipts.

Ben Goggin’s article noted that, unlike in previous years, when conference organizers ejected well-known neo-Nazis and white supremacists, such as Nick Fuentes, the extremists didn’t face any resistance this time.

Goggin’s article, published Saturday, included photos from the event that showed people who’ve admitted being Nazis.

But even though Goggin’s article linked to a video of a self-proclaimed Nazi, Ryan Sanchez, giving the Nazi salute in the hotel lobby, CPAC angrily denied that white supremacists had a presence at CPAC in separate posts on X:

“NBC’s claim that there was a Nazi presence at CPAC 2024 is false, misleading, and grossly manipulative — especially coming from a writer who has carried the water for Hamas in much of his reporting on the Israel-Gaza war.”

In a separate post, Schlapp claimed “the real Neo-Nazis in our midst are the ones controlling our college campuses and major institutions and grossly populate the newsrooms of corporate media, calling for an Israeli surrender.”

However, Goggin showed Schlapp that, yeah, actually there were Nazis at CPAC.

Schlapp had yet to respond to Goggin’s evidence as of Monday afternoon.

Still, Goggin continued to add details on Monday, including that Politico also noticed a white supremacist presence at CPAC.

Oh, and there’s video of Schlapp responding to questions at CPAC about Fuentes.

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