The Best Leggings For Real-Life Bodies, According To Real-Life People

Just another reason to get a Costco membership.
Here are some of our favorite leggings, now that we wear stretchy pants all the time.
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Here are some of our favorite leggings, now that we wear stretchy pants all the time.

Bad leggings aren’t really the most pressing issue at hand right now.

But still, they stink. Leggings that don’t stay up, aren’t stretchy enough, cut in the wrong places ― there are so many things that can go wrong. Now that stretchy pants are more common in our workplaces (our homes), we are constantly on the lookout for the best options.

Reviews are great, but there’s nothing like a real-life referral to boost your buying confidence and clue you in to some spots you might not associate with superior stretch pants.

Like, say, Costco.

Yes ― of the group of colleagues and friends we asked to share their favorite places to buy leggings, five people mentioned the wholesale retailer better known for its Before Times sample stations and giant jars of peanut butter.

Below, the pair most recommended, along with seven others for you to lounge around in.

Felina Ladies' Sueded Legging
"I love the Felina leggings from Costco. My mom actually discovered them a few years ago, and they are the most durable pair I own. Velvet-soft and not see-through at all. A lot of my leggings have torn or deteriorated over the years and these have held up best. For the price (they come in a pack of two!), they can't be beat." — Allison, New York City

Get the Felina ladies' sueded legging two-pack from Costco for $16.99.
Girlfriend Collective Compressive High Rise Legging
"It's a little embarrassing how many pairs of these I've purchased over the past year — I just love them so much. The stretchy material is perfect for the low-impact workouts I favor these days and they look put-together to wear the whole day. I love the colors and the fit, too." — Jamie, New York City

Get the Girlfriend Collective compressive high rise leggings for $68.
Amazon Core 10 Women's ‘Build Your Own’ Yoga Pant
"I love these leggings for working out or just lounging around. They are great quality and fit great. They are also 100% squat proof and you never find yourself pulling them up at the gym. These leggings put all my overpriced, expensive leggings to shame." — Danielle, New York City

Get the Core 10 women's yoga pant from Amazon for $44.
ADAY Throw it Higher Legging
"ADAY is a is a women-led, direct-to-consumer brand that is committed to creating quality, sustainable, functional and versatile clothes. Their Throw It Higher leggings are simple enough to wear to the gym, yet fancy enough to wear on a night out. They’re made of a lightweight fabric, have a very high rise, and the zipper and leather details make them feel more refined. There’s also an extra layer of fabric in the butt area which is really nice to have because it ensures that they’re 100% squat-proof." — Taneisha, New York City

Get the ADAY throw it higher legging for $135.
Beyond Yoga Spacedye Out Of Pocket High Waisted Midi Legging
"These leggings are absurdly soft and absurdly flattering. Also, I am hourglass-shaped. So these are the only leggings that fit both my hips and stay up around my waist." — Emma, New York City

Get the Beyond Yoga out of pocket high-waisted midi legging for $99.
Aerie Offline Real Me High Waisted Legging
They are flattering, soft and comfy! Also — so reasonably priced." — Lila, New York City.

Get the Aerie Offline real me high-waisted legging for $26.97.
Spanx Look At Me Now High-Waisted Seamless Legging
"I've worn them what I guess is 50+ times since both for running errands in my hood and for actual workouts. They're super comfy, wash well (I send them out for wash-and-fold laundry service, which can be rough on clothes), are seamless all over, and flatten the look of my stomach (if that's a concern) without making me feeling like I'm in sausage casing. They're my nicest pair of leggings and honestly, I could wear them almost every day in quarantine." - Elizabeth, New York City

Get the Spanx look at me now high-waisted seamless legging for $78.
Lululemon Align Pant
"I remain a loyal fan of Lululemon's align. They're butter, and if they rip or pill too much you can bring them back for an exchange literally years later." — Alana, New York City

Get the Lululemon Align pant for $69.

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