Twitter users are praising Tison for how he handled the angry mask-less shopper.
You might be surprised which major retailer only allows a 14-day return window.
Filet mignon and king crab legs for the biggest of feasts.
The site's hourslong outage spurred social media outrage, prompting the store to extend its deals.
The unnamed LAPD officer fatally shot Kenneth French while he was shopping, claiming self-defense. A relative called French a "gentle giant."
The gunman fired up to eight shots as panicked shoppers fled, witnesses say.
"My husband asked if I wanted to go on a date & then we laughed & laughed & went to Costco."
For the doomsday prepper in your life who has everything!
“I don’t see it as ‘Costco Free Samples.’ I see it as a free 17 course meal.”
"My husband asked if I wanted to go on a date and then we laughed and laughed and went to Costco."