Biden Says He Will Challenge Trump To Push-Up Contest On Debate Stage If Mocked

The former vice president shared how he'd hypothetically respond to an attack on his mental health during a presidential debate.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is warning that if President Donald Trump questioned his mental state or his age on the debate stage, he would challenge the president to a push-up battle.

“I’d say, ‘C’mon Donald, c’mon man. How many push-ups do you want to do here, pal?’” he told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski during a “Morning Joe” interview that aired Tuesday.

“I mean, jokingly,” he clarified. “C’mon, run with me, man.”

Biden gave the tongue-in-cheek response after Brzezinski pressed him on how he would handle Trump’s attacks, which often include derogatory remarks and personally insulting nicknames.

Brzezinski asked the question in light of the exchange between Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) during the first set of Democratic primary debates last month when Harris criticized his past opposition to federally mandated busing and his remarks about having worked with segregationist senators.

In a CNN interview earlier this month, Biden acknowledged that he “wasn’t prepared” for Harris’s rebuke.

However, when it comes to Trump, Biden assured Brzezinski he would be ready.

“I’m not going to get down in the dirt with him,” Biden said. “That’s the only place he knows how to fight. I’m just going to continue to talk about what he’s doing, why it’s so damaging to America, and as my mother would say, I’m not going to take any guff from him.”

Biden, like Trump, will have to secure his party’s nomination before the two would confront each other on a debate stage.

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