Lose the Last 10 Pounds by Memorial Day Weekend

If you are like most people when it comes to getting your bikini body ready for summer, you may be waiting until "crunch time." Well with Memorial Day weekend being less than five weeks away, I'm here to tell you that "crunch time" has officially arrived.
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If you are like most people when it comes to getting your bikini body ready for summer, you may be waiting until "crunch time." Maybe you have been too busy or not felt like getting started. Well with Memorial Day weekend being less than five weeks away, I'm here to tell you that "crunch time" has officially arrived.

If the thought of putting your two-piece on makes you nervous, don't worry -- you are not alone. Celebrity client Jessica Alba had to face her fears every day for three months when working in a bikini on Into the Blue.

The good news is that getting on a program now gives you enough time to kick-start your metabolism and tone up for summer.

Get motivated with my tips and easy-to-follow five-week countdown today -- you wont regret it tomorrow!

My Three Top Tips and the Five-Week Countdown Plan:

Tip 1

Visualize Your Goal

Put your bikini on now!

Look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Notice what you like and decide what needs to be improved upon. Even in Hollywood when my clients need to appear in a catsuit for a role, the wardrobe department has them try on the outfit a month before they go to camera. This is great motivation for them to start and stay committed to an exercise and nutrition program.

Tip 2

Write down your goal and how your going to achieve it. Be specific!

Log the next five weeks of progress: Get a calendar or a little black book and write down daily workouts or calorie-burning moments along with planning the next days meals.

Journaling your thoughts will keep you organized and accountable and give you insights you'd otherwise never see.

Tip 3

Vocalize your goals

If you plan to look hot in a bikini on Memorial Day, say it out loud.

By vocalizing your intention once a day to yourself, or to others you will send a message out to the universe that you are committed and you are focused. Invite friends and family to participate in the challenge with you.

Five-Week Countdown

With 5 weeks to go:

Get walking! Every step counts! Walk at least 60 minutes daily and burn several hundred calories a week. It's easy to do with the longer daylight hours.

Bring your iPod along and take your walk to a workout -- moving at a brisk pace to your favorite upbeat songs burns several extra calories per 60-minute walk.

Total calories burned over the course of the week: between 1,200 and 2,000 or more, depending on your weight and pace!

With 4 weeks to go:

Add in three or four days a week of muscle-building strength training exercises. Lifting weights uses muscles, using muscles builds muscle mass, and by increasing muscle tissue you will burn a lot more calories even when your body is at rest. My female clients know that lifting weights is the best way to get and keep their Hollywood beach bodies.

Make sure that when you train you lift enough weight, keep your rest periods shorter, and do at least two sets.

With 3 weeks to go:

Plan to eat lean and clean 90 percent of the week with 10 percent of the week (one or two meals) allowing for what I call "soul food" -- your splurge meal. Warmer weather welcomes barbecue season, and is a great way to switch from the heartier winter meals to lighter fare. On weekends, prepare ahead of time by grilling your lean meats or fish for the week. Include complex carbohydrates such as quinoa, yams or red potatoes with meals. Eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits in your salads.

With 2 weeks to go:

Stay hydrated by consuming an extra liter of water daily. My clients bring their water bottles with them whenever they leave the house. Keep a bottle at your workplace and in your car. When on your walk or at the gym, make sure you hydrate before during and after exercise. Increasing your water consumption will boost your energy and kick-start your metabolism.

With 1 week to go:

Continue to drop the weight with these final tips.

Increase your activity level and try something new that takes you outside of your comfort zone to help you break through any plateaus and get you sweating! Try a Zumba or spin class, or include intervals of jogging in your walking program. Eat frequently, not less; keep your metabolism cranking with three small meals and two snacks daily.

Now try on that suit one final time, and ditch the sarong! Be glad in knowing you reached your goals this bikini season!

For more tips try my 321 Training Method DVD, a great home workout.

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