'Billy On The Street' Parodies Leah Remini's Escape From Scientology

"Save your kids, save your friends and, most importantly, save your acting career."

Billy Eichner takes aim at Scientology on the new episode of "Billy on the Street" with hilarious results. 

In a game he likes to call "Leah Remini's Escape From Scientology," referencing the "King of Queens" actress' very public break with the controversial religion, Eichner enlists comedian Rachel Dratch to navigate his latest pop culture-themed obstacle course

In the first few obstacles, Eichner parodies the process of joining Scientology -- signing a billion-year contract, marrying Giovanni Ribisi's gay cousin, etc. The rest of the course demonstrates how one would publicly escape the religion "to save your kids, save your friends, and, most importantly, save your acting career."

Our favorite moment? Dratch freeing the towel-clad men stuck in John Travolta's shed. Genius.  

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