'Black Mirror' Revisits the 1980s And Makes An Outer London Town Super Retro

Images of the set on social media feature vintage store fronts, vinyl records and more.

The Netflix sci-fi series “Black Mirror” has been shooting in Croydon this week, converting the town’s center into a 1980s wonderland.

As per a series of tweets, fans and locals have been snapping images of the signage and retro store fronts, including a Wimpy and an old WHSmith.

The show is no stranger to revisiting other time periods or flashing forward into the future, but the 1980s is a particularly special time for the series.

Season three’s critically acclaimed “San Junipero” took place in 1987 and featured shoulder pads, big hair, and Belinda Carlisle galore.

It’s not clear what the storyline of this episode will be about, but one Twitter user shared this image that may hint at the episode’s name: Bandersnatch.

For the unfamiliar, the “Bandersnatch” is vicious fictional creature created by Lewis Carroll that boasts sharp teeth and claws, white eyes with red pupils, and is extremely fast. It’s featured in his 1872 novel “Through the Looking-Glass” and 1874 poem “The Hunting of the Snark.”

Additionally, you can spot in the gallery below a plethora of video games within the elaborate set that act as fun Easter Eggs.

As first noted in Digital Spy, the vinyl albums wink at past episodes with titles like “Roachbusters Red and Blue” (which is a reference to “Men Against Fire”), “Pig in a Poke” (a reference to “The National Anthem”), “Valdack’s Revenge” (a reference to “USS Callister”), ’White Bear” and “Metl Hedd,” which both reference the episodes “White Bear” and “Metalhead.”

“Black Mirror” creator Charlie Brooker has not revealed when season 5 will hit Netflix for our binge-watching pleasure, but he did tell Radio Times that he’s doing a lot of back-to-back filming to crank them out:

“Season Five, we are filming one [episode] at the moment. We are about to start filming another one imminently. I’m writing the next one and then it gets a bit more foggy.”

We can’t wait.

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