'Bloom County' Creator Berkeley Breathed Reveals Rejected 'Star Wars' Art

"Opus forgives you, old friend."

"Bloom County" creator Berkeley Breathed shared on Facebook what he called "the fastest rejection in licensed comic book history," a piece of art he did at the request of the publishers of the "Star Wars" comics. 

He calls it the Pooper Scooper Trooper: 

Breathed, who has often featured "Star Wars" jokes in his recently resurrected "Bloom County" comic, said the publisher asked for "a special 'funny' promotional cover in honor of the coming movie."

He tried to warn them that Lucasfilm would never approve the work.

"The comics guys found this idea absurd, nay, impossible -- a sweet gentle thought," Breathed wrote. 

The cover was instantly rejected by Lucasfilm, he said.

Breathed didn't name the publisher, but Marvel has been behind the latest generation of "Star Wars" comics. Both Marvel and Lucasfilm are owned by Disney.   

While Breathed is known for his satire, Comic Book Resources said it verified the rejection story

Breathed also wrote that Kathleen Kennedy was one of the producers of "A Wish For Wings That Work," his 1991 TV special featuring Bloom County's Opus. Today, she is president of Lucasfilm.

"Opus forgives you, old friend," Breathed wrote, before adding the wish of millions of "Star Wars" fans: "Just bring us a good story, please."


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