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There's Something You Need To Know About Trendy 'Blue Prosecco'

Is this the unicorn of wines?

First there was blue wine, then there was orange wine, and now ladies and gentlemen, an Italian-based wine company ― Fratelli Saraceni ― has just released Blumond, a bright blue prosecco. But can we really call it prosecco?

Bottles of Blumond, a new blue Prosecco.
Bottles of Blumond, a new blue Prosecco.

This unconventional wine is as stunning as it is shocking, and it has an unsettling likeness to MD 20/20’s Blue Raspberry in its vivid blue hue. It also isn’t really wine, just like MD 20/20 ― which is has been called brown bag wine ― really isn’t.

Blumond is made from prosecco, blue curaçao and peach juice, so it’s more of a wine cocktail with a cork in it. With an alcohol content of 7 percent ABV, it actually clocks in closer to a beer than a wine. And many Italian wine purists aren’t too thrilled about the color ― or the alcohol content.

That would explain why the makers of Blumond have yet to launch the prosecco in Italy. It is currently only available for purchase in China and the U.S., though a release in Sicily is slated for next month. The wine is available for purchase on the Fratelii Saraceni website, and will set you back $21.95 a bottle.

Whether this will be the new rosé of the summer is yet to be decided, but if the unicorn food craze is any indication, we fear glasses of blue prosecco could be cheers-ing all across the nation in no time.