Bobby Jindal Blames 'Cultural Rot' For Oregon Shooting

What about gun violence?
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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) blames the murder of nine people at an Oregon community college on abortion, single motherhood, and the deceased shooter's father.

In a lengthy blog post published Tuesday, the presidential contender laid out why “cultural rot,” not gun violence or mental health, led to yet another mass shooting in America.

"We devalue human life, we have no regard for the sanctity of human life in any regard, from the unborn, to the old, and to every single person in between, we devalue it and act as if we have almost no regard for humanity," Jindal wrote.

The Louisiana governor, who has courted evangelical Christians since announcing his campaign for president, pointed to a breakdown of the family unit.

"When he was asked what his relationship was with his son, he said he hadn’t seen him in a while because he lived with his mother. Case Closed," he said.

But Jindal was most critical of the shooter's father.

"He brags that he has never held a gun in his life and that he had no idea that his son had any guns. Why didn’t he know? Because he failed to raise his son. He should be ashamed of himself, and he owes us all an apology," he said.

"He’s a complete failure as a father, he should be embarrassed to even show his face in public. He’s the problem here," he added.

Jindal isn't the only Republican presidential candidate to weigh in on the matter. Famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson on Monday said the victims of the shooting didn't do enough to save themselves, and that he would have been more aggressive in confronting the attacker.

Read the entire Jindal blog post here.

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