Boycott Celebs Who Strip for PETA's Death Machine

Warning: the following graphic photo may distress the reader.

PETA's mass extermination of pets has finally worked its way into the public consciousness. Nathan Winograd's recent article -- "Shocking Photos: PETA's Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies" -- has gone viral in a way rarely witnessed. There can be very few people who are still unaware that PETA has killed well over 29,000 animals in and around Norfolk, Virginia.

The evidence of PETA's carnage may be unfathomable, but it is impossible to deny. If you are a decent animal lover -- especially if you are a devoted PETA supporter -- I'm afraid you are going to be sickened. I'm including only one photograph here, as I have issues with the relentless barrage of these images. This is an Associated Press photo of a puppy killed by Ingrid Newkirk's employees in the back of PETA's mobile death unit:

Other corpses were secretly deposited in dumpsters: a grotesque act resulting in criminal charges. Many of these pets were completely healthy when killed. PETA had promised to adopt them out to proper homes.

Our charming "animal rights" workers were spared serious sentences in the end, because it turns out not to be illegal to kill animals under false pretenses. They were found guilty of "littering."

To make a long story short, the court ruled that North Carolina has a keen interest in keeping private trash receptacles free from the stench of rotting animal carcasses but absolutely none whatsoever in protecting the fragile lives of defenseless cats and dogs.

These employees were not fired.

And this was simply one incident, in over a decade of so-called "euthanasia" -- with a documented toll of 29,426 animals. Dead pets are no longer deposited in dumpsters: PETA's donors have unwittingly subsidized a massive walk-in freezer.

If you need more in the way of concrete proof and have a strong stomach, I urge you to visit Winograd's article on The Huffington Post or to read Friendly Fire, a book by Nathan Winograd and his wife Jennifer, which documents these abuses in detail -- a book that excoriates not simply PETA, but also the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) and the ASPCA.

The question now becomes: What are we going to do about it?

Well, if you search the term "@peta" today on Twitter, you will encounter livid supporters -- sometimes every few seconds -- denouncing the organization, often in words NSFW. Many are making it clear that they will never donate to PETA again (including committed donors who had arranged to donate automatically from their bank accounts).

This is a start. If we're going to kick these hypocrites to the curb, yes, we have to kick them where it hurts: in the pocketbook.

We can however go much further. A great part of their $30 million annual budget is generated through shock publicity stunts: animal torture porn, for instance. The most notorious of these stunts is their ubiquitous softcore campaign: celebrities and porn stars stripping for PETA advertisements.

Celebrities feel immense pressure to shill for PETA. They are bullied relentlessly if they do not toe the party line. The answer is to apply even greater pressure from the other direction.

It's not as if a career can't survive opposition to these ghouls. A year ago, Jennifer Lawrence famously said, "Screw PETA." And she's done reasonably well since.

If a celebrity strips for PETA, refuse to buy their products. Refuse to see their films or listen to their music. Express your outrage on Twitter: Send tweets to their official accounts and to their fan clubs. Call for this boycott on Facebook and Tumblr and celebrity fan sites.

Make it impossible to ignore.

If PETA is going to kill pets, then it is the duty of every animal lover to ensure that this organization is properly and humanely euthanized.

NOTE: A list of celebrities who have offered support to PETA is here: