Bailey The Buffalo Rides In Car, Drinks Beer In Alberta, Canada (VIDEO)

A buffalo is a man's best friend? That seems to be the case with Bailey the bison, who is popular for cruising his Canadian hometown with owner Jim Sautner. The duo pop into bars, where the bison apparently drinks beer and hits the dance floor.

Sautner, the "buffalo whisperer," has even modified his sedan into a convertible fit for the 1600-pound bison, as seen in this video from CNN. Sautner's been close with the buffalo since he first adopted the orphaned calf and bottle-fed him, according to the Toronto Sun.

Not all buffalo get to go boozing and cruising, and many species are actually listed as endangered. According to the IUCN Red List, there may be less than 200 Wild Water Buffalo remaining in the world today, due to hunting, habitat loss, and changes in water flow.

WATCH this buffalo hop into a convertible: