CBS May Eliminate "Evening News" Anchor If Couric Leaves: Report

According to TMZ, Katie Couric will leave CBS on her own terms and the network will likely eliminate the "Evening News" anchor altogether. Further, TMZ reiterates earlier reports that it is Couric who is frustrated with the situation that is not what she was promised when Les Moonves lured her to the network:

Sources connected to the whole CBS magilla with Katie Couric tell TMZ Katie will probably jettison the evening news anchor chair for good, but not before the election.

Here's the lowdown. CBS hasn't delivered on any of the promises that lured Couric to the network in the first place -- generally, they said they would adjust the newscast to her skills, but in fact it's almost the same Metamucil broadcast as before. We're told she's frustrated and there is "strong interest" on the part of CNN, in particular replacing Mr. King when he retires.

Though TMZ specializes in Hollywood gossip, there's every reason to believe they are right in this instance. Katie Couric has a very short path to TMZ founder Harvey Levin. Levin is an old friend and colleague of current "Extra" Senior Executive Producer Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey (they worked on "Celebrity Justice" together, and "Extra" and TMZ work out of the same office in New York). Gregorisch-Dempsey and Couric are close friends as well. For example, Gregorisch-Dempsey was quoted as such in the People report that Couric was leaving the "Today" show.