‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Charlamagne Tha God Spots GOP Speaker's 'Weird' X-Rated Claim

Mike Johnson once made a very specific sex claim that left the guest host perplexed.

Daily Show” guest host Charlamagne Tha God found some truly bizarre comments from new House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), a far-right religious fundamentalist with a history of anti-LBGTQ rhetoric.

In one clip that aired on “The Daily Show,” Fox News host Sean Hannity cited an anti-gay legal document in which Johnson wrote there is “no clear right to sodomy in the Constitution.”

That position left Charlamagne perplexed.

“I mean, yeah, it would’ve been weird if they put sodomy in the Constitution, right?” he said, then envisioned how the Framers might have considered it: “So we’re all agreed: There’s gonna be no king, there will be three branches of government and we’re all cool with butt stuff.”

See more of his takedown on Johnson from Monday night’s “Daily Show” monologue:

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