'Concerned' Mom's 'Rap Attack' Against Transgender Youth Is a Sin Against All Good Taste

With all due respect, some people's talent endeavors need not be encouraged, particularly when they use them to attack our transgender children.

From Raw Story:

An aspiring rap artist weighed in recently on bathrooms for transgender students in Alberta schools .The song, entitled "Gender Bender" is by MH Weibe, who describes herself as a "concerned mom." In January, Alberta schools adopted legislation requiring bathroom facilities to accommodate transgender people by allowing them to use the bathroom according to the gender they identify as, Global News reports. Weibe raps that she doesn't think the issue should be legislated but instead focus should be placed on preventing cuts in classrooms, and also that she thinks being transgender is unnatural.

Yes, it is as bad as you think. And I'm not just talking about the ignorance and transphobia. Her video is so bad, I wouldn't be surprised if the ghosts of Biggie and Tupac came looking for her ass. Not only does Weibe attack transgender children, but she personally justifies every stereotype about white people rapping. And manages to create some new ones:

Lastly, I disagree with anyone who thinks I am being too mean or extremely catty. I think I'm being rather nice when one takes into account that many transgender youth can't even speak out for themselves for fear of violence or family rejection. The last thing they need is to be badgered by a song so badly written and performed that the late Ed Wood himself would disavow having anything to do with it.

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