'Weekend Update' Anchor Colin Jost Clears Out George Santos' Wardrobe Of Fibs

The "Weekend Update" anchor called one of the embattled Republican's lies "an insane thing to pretend to be."

Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost didn’t waste time as he mocked Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) for lying about “nearly every aspect of his life” and joked about his fashion choices on Saturday.

Santos, who is facing several investigations, has been under fire by both Democrats and Republicans over his claims including — but not limited to — the date of his mother’s death, his knowledge of four Pulse nightclub victims and the name of his alma mater.

Jost revealed his “favorite” lie from George Santos: his claim that he was a top volleyball player at Baruch College.

“Now that is a fine thing to be but an insane thing to pretend to be,” Jost quipped.

“Like, that’s his fantasy? It’s like asking a kid what do they want to be when they grow up and they’re like ‘I don’t know, assistant manager at Kohl’s.’”

Jost flashed a picture of Santos walking two dogs and quipped that the pups were two “professional references” for the embattled Republican.

He later ripped Santos over a claim that the lawmaker was “well dressed” and therefore able to get away with lies.

“This guy is well dressed? He looks like he’s trying to steal clothes by putting them on over what he wore into the store,” Jost said.

You can watch Jost, along with his co-anchor Michael Che, rip the New York Republican and other politicians in the video below.

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