Coming to Your Senses: How to Stop Your Negative Thinking

In this video, Eckhart Tolle explains the present moment is a portal to eliminate our negative thinking. He says as soon as you realize you are entering a non-harmonious state of mind, such as: worry, anxiety, anger, or unhappiness in any form, you’ve lost track of the present moment-- you believe something else is more important.

Unknowingly, many people live in an unhappy state of mind, but are unaware of it. Eckhart likens this to a noisy refrigerator running in the background that you don’t hear any longer because you’ve become accustomed to it. Suddenly, the refrigerator breaks down and you notice the silence, and only then do you become aware there was a noisy refrigerator in the room. Your negative thoughts are the noisy refrigerator buzzing along.

Present moment awareness is the conscious redirecting of your thinking mind into the direct perception and inner alignment with the present moment. Eckhart refers to this process as, literally coming to your senses.

Be silent, look around and listen, become aware of your breathing. Be here now. There is nothing more important than the present moment. As you consciously enter the present moment the thinking mind with negative thoughts recedes, and you wake up from being immersed in the voice in your head.

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