Conan Zooms With Al Pacino And It's The Golden Globes All Over Again In A Comic Bit

The acting legend had appeared detached and even asleep during the actual awards show.

In the comic mind of Conan O’Brien, Al Pacino never got off Zoom after the Golden Globes and accidentally patched in with the talk show host on Monday. (Watch the video below.)

“Mr. Pacino, can you hear me? Mr. Pacino, the Golden Globes are over,” O’Brien calls out in a spoof using footage of the legendary actor from Sunday’s ceremony.

Pacino, who had been nominated for “Hunters,” trended on Twitter for appearing detached and perhaps even asleep at one point during the actual presentation of his awards category.

In the comic bit, Pacino interrupts O’Brien again on Zoom, prompting the comedian to try to coax him into pushing the “leave” button. The “Scent of a Woman” star gripes about not knowing what’s going on ― only in more colorful terms.

Real viewers weren’t too thrilled with the Golden Globes show either. The Globes ratings in the critical 18-49 age demographic were the worst ever for NBC, Deadline reported.


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