Coolio Lifebombs College Kids By Singing 'Gangsta's Paradise,' Cooking For Them

What even is this video? Okay, let us explain:

According to Blog Preston, Coolio (AKA Artis Leon Ivey Jr) began his world tour at Ships and Giggles in Preston, England but decided to spend some extra time in the city after missing his flight to Zurich. He didn't leave town without stopping to hang out with some University of Central Lancashire students he met at the show.

The video poster wrote, "He wanted to cook for me and my house mates the following night and that's exactly what happened. We decided to take a break from the cooking and have a jam session."

Coolio's cooking career has been taking off, but his fans would never let him leave his music completely. He later told the Lancashire Evening post, “I played with some students and they kicked my ass. I was embarrassed. But I’m really having a good time. I’ll definitely come back to Preston.The people of Preston are cool.”

Weird Al, if you ever want to show up in some random dorm to sing "Amish Paradise," now's your chance.



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