Crocodile Ambushes Cheetah Cub While It Drinks From Watering Hole (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

"This is the very sad, sad part," the local guide told viewers on a live safari show.

A crocodile attacked a cheetah cub as it cautiously drank from a watering hole in South Africa, recent video shows. (Watch the clip below, but be mindful of its brutality.)

In the clip, posted Dec. 4 on the wildlife YouTube channel Kruger Sightings, the croc bursts through the surface, clamps onto the cat and disappears with it into the depths. Two other cheetahs watch helplessly from afar.

“This is the very sad, sad part,” Phinda Private Game Reserve naturalist Busani Mtshali tells the audience on a broadcast for WildEarth TV.

On its website, WildEarth TV promises that its live safari adventures are “completely unscripted and unpredictable – this is reality TV as it is supposed to be. Authentic and REAL.”

Kruger Sightings noted that the moment might be too real for some viewers.

“Sometimes, nature can be harsh and difficult to understand,” the YouTube channel wrote in the video’s description. “While we would prefer scenes like this to have happier endings, every animal has its role to play in the ‘circle of life,’ even the crocodile.”

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