'Daily Show' Uses A Real Hostage Negotiator To Reason With GOP

'Daily Show' Captures How Everyone Feels About The GOP

Between Jon Stewart and Jason Jones, "The Daily Show" has really been knocking it out of the park during the government shutdown. In this segment from Tuesday's episode, Jones hires an actual FBI hostage negotiator to try to understand where the GOP is coming from.

President Obama has not hesitated to refer to the House Republicans as hostage-takers during the shutdown, so it only stands to follow that those on the opposite side of the aisle should use appropriate tactics to end the stalemate. But since the members of congress don't have a comedy show, they let Jones do it for them.

After trying to reason with a GOP strategist to no avail ("Can we just stop this whole interview please? This is just a vicious circle. You dig your heels in, you say something stupid, I give an appropriately witty response... But where does it end?"), he brought in Christopher Voss, a 15-year veteran of the FBI who used to regularly negotiate with hostage-takers.

We'll let you guess whether Voss considers the GOP to be reasonable assailants.

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