Demi Lovato Set A Thirst Trap For Henry Cavill On Instagram


In comic book lore, supervillains go to extreme lengths to ensnare Superman in expertly plotted traps. Demi Lovato did it without using a smidge of Kryptonite in less than 30 seconds. What, like it’s hard?

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer received a standing clap from the internet on Tuesday for seemingly pursuing Henry Cavill, who plays the the Man of Steel on screen, in some gold-standard Instagram flirting.

First, Lovato followed Cavill on Instagram to get his attention after he did the same earlier in the week. Then she almost immediately shared a photo of herself stunning in a white lace leotard, adding a caption that promised “Big news coming soon.”


Then, mere seconds later, she went on to like two photos of the actor in a jujitsu studio ― both celebrities apparently share an affinity for the martial arts.

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After Cavill had followed the former Disney star’s Instagram, he liked and commented on a recent photo of Lovato sporting a blue belt.

“This is awesome! Nice one Miss Lovato,” he wrote.


People on social media were quick to salute Lovato on her fearless Instagram exploits because in 2018, this is as close to a happy ending as we’re going to get.

Now, go forth and shamelessly flirt on Instagram.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story indicated that Cavill followed Lovato on Instagram after she liked his photos. In fact, he had already followed her earlier in the week.

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