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When it comes to his thoughts on Batman and Superman leaving, Aquaman dives right in.
Seeing the out "White Collar" star as the Man of Steel would "be really incredible," Haynes wrote.
An earlier report in The Hollywood Reporter indicated that Warner Bros. had decided to part ways with the “Man of Steel” actor.
The Hollywood Reporter indicated that Warner Bros. decided to part ways with the "Man of Steel" actor.
The "Man of Steel" star has since apologized for his remarks in a GQ Australia interview that led to backlash on social media.
"It’s hard for me to admit, this is not CGI. He’s really gone."
Gossip addicts will relish the series for painting Hollywood the way we assume it really is ― calculating and manipulative.
Superman says he just "couldn’t miss Suicide Squad."
I know I am late. I waited forever to go see the Batman vs Superman movie.
Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill? Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth? For this week's Monday Mouth-Off, Mike Ciriaco teams up with Go-Go Boy Interrupted star Jimmy Fowlie to play a couple rounds of F**k, Marry, Kill with the summer blockbuster hunks.
Both Batman and Superman are laughing all the way to the nearest Metropolis (or Gotham) bank. Even still, I offer a word of advice. If you go in aware that the film drags a bit more than it should and doesn't contain as many quips as a Joss Whedon adaptation would have, then you'll be better off.
It has been called dark, somber, convoluted, overstuffed, loud, fascist, nihilistic -- and the descriptions go on. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has touches of all that, some more than others. But it's still worth the watch.
Justice dawned at the box office to the tune of record-breaking $167 million opening weekend, but the questions remains: Is