Woman Records Husband’s Snores For 4 Years, Creates ‘Despacito’ Remix

It's the "Despacito" rendition we didn't know we needed.

Justin Bieber, eat your heart out. This may just be the best “Despacito” rendition created to date.

In the video above, a woman explains that she’s been videotaping her husband’s snoring for four years. She doesn’t quite explain the motivation for these recordings, but says she recently enlisted her nephew’s help to remix her husband’s snores to create something special.

And boy, it’s a masterpiece.

The remix ― entitled “Ronquidito,” a play on “ronquido,” the Spanish word for snore ― first went viral last week after Peruvian actress Daniela Camaiora shared it on Facebook. Since then, it’s been reshared many times, most recently appearing on the front page of the social news site Reddit.

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