‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Desus Nice Has 1 Cheeky Question About Clarence Thomas

The Supreme Court justice has “accepted more gifts than Make-A-Wish kids,” Nice joked.

“The Daily Show” guest host Desus Nice on Thursday had a message for the wealthy executive who reportedly loaned Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a quarter-million-plus dollars, which financed Thomas’ purchase of a high-end RV, which Thomas reportedly “never repaid” in full.

“You want to hang sometime?” Nice cheekily asked.

“Yo, let’s catch a Knicks game,” he continued. “We got courtside tickets if you pay for them.”

The latest reported instance of Thomas receiving gifts from wealthy benefactors was detailed in a report released by Senate Democrats on Wednesday.

Thomas has “accepted more gifts than Make-A-Wish kids,” joked Nice.

Watch Nice’s entire monologue here:

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