Does the Sotomayor Nomination Spell "No Mas" for GOP Latino Outreach?

As the SCOTUS nomination of Sonia Sotomayor continues to dominate the news cycle, CNN's Leslie Sanchez joins us to get right to the heart of the matter: what's up with Newt Gingrich withdrawing his "she's racist" comments? Can't the guy just stand up for what he believes? But seriously, how many controversies does Sotomayor need to go through just to get on the Supreme Court? Any errors on her tax returns? Let's just check to make sure, okay?

Sanchez, a Republican strategist and former advisor to President George W. Bush, gives us some serious thoughts about the historic nature of Sotomayor's nomination to the Latino community, how the GOP can talk about identity politics without turning people off, and how it's actually President Obama who made this nomination all about race and ethnicity when he spoke so glowingly of her empathy and background. She also addresses the relevancy of those comments about a "wise Latina" - it is justice for all, without favoring one group over another.

The second big story of the last week is Doctor George Tiller, the Kansas-based abortion doctor who was killed in his own church by an anti-abortion activist. A devastating story all around, Sanchez speaks to the controversy over how certain media pipelines push angry vitriol against figures like Tiller and how that can lead to violence. Finally, Sanchez weighs in on former VP Dick Cheney's thoughts on gay marriage. Does this mark a point of moderation for the GOP on the issue or is this fight just going to get worse? And how do Latino voters enter into the equation?

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