Donald Trump Said U.S. Airports Are 'Third World.' Here Are 11 Reasons He's Wrong.

Did you know JFK has a sustainable farm that runs on terminal food waste?
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Our jaws dropped when Donald Trump attacked U.S. airports out of the blue during the presidential debate Monday night.

Our airports are like from a Third World country,” Trump ranted. “You land at LaGuardia, you land at Kennedy, you land at LAX, you land at Newark, and you come in from Dubai and Qatar and you see these incredible ― you come in from China, you see these incredible airports, and you land ― we’ve become a Third World country.”

Whoooa there, Don. Let’s lay off developing nations. Secondly, a mass transit terminal is not exactly the best measure of a country: North Korea also has a gorgeous new airport, for example, but its human rights policies aren’t so hot. Thirdly, U.S. airports have lots of incredible and innovative perks and features that make travel a happier, less stressful, more culturally exciting experience. Maybe you miss them when you only fly private?

Take these, for starters:

1. The stunning public art program at Miami International Airport.

Barry Winiker via Getty Images

From the sound-filled glass installation above to colorful abatement walls to striking walls of coral, public art cheerfully welcomes visitors from all over as they enter the U.S. through Miami.

2. These sound-proof napping suites in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airports.

Minute Suite

Tired travelers can pay by the hour to rent a personal oasis with a pullout trundle bed, desk and flatscreen TV.

3. The sustainable outdoor organic farm at John F. Kennedy Airport.


The best part about this blue potato and herb farm: It uses food waste recycled from terminals below.

4. San Francisco International’s epic yoga room...


Get your zen on in this room with tons of stretching mats, right in the middle of the terminal.

5. ...and its fleet of cuddling terminal dogs.


The only job of these therapy-trained pups is to make traveling more delightful.

6. This best darn slice of New York pizza you’ll ever taste at LaGuardia Airport.

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Artichoke Basille’s pizza makes a perfect pre-flight treat ― and they don’t have it in Dubai.

7. Salt Lake City International’s impeccable on-time rate.

David Sailors via Getty Images

Never mind new and pretty: being on time is truly the most important thing we ask of an airport anyway, right?

8. Trees, skylights, fountains and the occasional bird at Denver International Airport.

altrendo images via Getty Images

This spacious, soothing airport environment is coupled with a super efficient train between terminals.

9. Rocking chair sunsets at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Seattle isn’t the only U.S. airport with this relaxing seating option, but its views have got to be the best.

10. This incredibly low-key fire pit at Long Beach Airport.

The eco-friendly terminal features plenty of outdoor seating space. Luxurious!

11. And the impeccable food options at Newark Liberty International Airport. (Vanilla cotton candy, anyone?)

There you have it. Trump, we urge you to quit hating on our terminals and embrace the message of yet another public art installation at Miami International Airport:

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