Donald Trump Clearly 'Likes Reading Books' If They're About Him

Of course, he's currently reading CNN's book about his campaign.

Donald Trump’s had a tumultuous relationship with books.

There are the dozens he’s written ― the one that tells you how to “think like a billionaire,” the one that’s very misogynistic, another on simply “how to get rich.”

But when the president-elect/real estate mogul isn’t writing books, what is he reading? 

In an interview published today on Axiosco-founders Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei asked Trump that very question. In what is easily the most Brick-in-real-life situation possible, Trump started pointing at random books, saying, “I like that.”

You can read the whole exchange in this tweet:

The book he’s referencing in that exchange is Unprecedented: The Election That Changed Everything by Thomas Lake ― a book being published by CNN Politics. 

This is absurd for several reasons. For one, Trump has openly referred to CNN as “fake news” in just the past few weeks. Secondly, this book is about him. It is the most Trumpian thing ever for him to say that the book he’s reading is one about himself.

We’re just surprised he didn’t recommend his book The Art of the Deal, which he seems to recommend to everyone on Twitter. 

Oh man. We’re all screwed, aren’t we? 



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