Trump Just Tweeted A Clip From A TV Show That Was Totally Making Fun Of Him

The clip came from Larry David's MAGA-centric episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

President Donald Trump shared a video clip he seems to think shows that “tough guys” support him.

Just one problem: The footage of a biker reacting to a “Make America Great Again” cap was from an episode of Larry David’s HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” And the episode not only mocked the caps, but called them “a great people repellent.”

On Monday, Trump tweeted the clip, which contained at least eight profanities:

In the episode, the notoriously prickly David discovers that people want nothing to do with him when he wears the MAGA cap, so he dons it as a “people repellent.” The cap gets him out of a lunch meeting he had been trying to avoid, and helps keep the seat next to him at a sushi bar empty.

In the clip shared by Trump, David accidentally cuts off a biker, who angrily pursues him, dropping f-bombs along the way. When David dons the cap, the angry biker ― Trump’s “TOUGH GUY” ― suddenly becomes much friendlier.

Last month, sportscaster and talk-show host Michael Kay asked David if he was worried the episode mocking the MAGA hats would alienate Trump supporters.

“Alienate yourselves. Go. Go and alienate, you have my blessing,” David said to laughs from the audience. “No, I could give a fuck.”

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