Social Media Piles On Former Prez With #TrumpIsBroke Hashtag

The former president's lawyers earlier this week said scraping together $464 million for bond was a “practical impossibility,” causing a frenzy on X.

Donald Trump’s inability to secure the $464 million bond he needs to appeal his civil fraud conviction is bad for him, but it’s apparently good news for snarky people on X, formerly Twitter.

That’s because Monday’s announcement by Trump’s lawyers that securing the money is a “practical impossibility” had a big impact on the platform, and caused the hashtag #TrumpIsBroke to go viral.

And, yes, there was much mockery.

Some people jokingly warned others not to share the hashtag since it might anger the former president.

But that didn’t stop people from piling on harder.

But some people didn’t think #TrumpIsBroke was harsh enough, and that caused a variant hashtag #TrumpIsBrokeAF to also trend.

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