Donald Trump Jr. Desperately Tries To Spin His Dad's 'Walk Of Shame' Picture

The president's eldest son shared what he thinks is the "perfect description” of the image that has become a scathing meme.

Donald Trump Jr. is trying to spin the narrative on that picture taken of President Donald Trump following his underwhelming and underattended rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

On Wednesday, Trump’s eldest son posted the photograph of his father walking back to the White House from Marine One to Instagram. He copied and pasted what he claimed was a “perfect description” of the image of his bedraggled dad from another account.

“This picture is not a fraud. The Left is attempting to use it as a negative,” read the caption filled with misspellings and illiteracies shared by Trump Jr.

“Its not. This is the look far too many of us that have worked a night shift or a 48 hour shift or a third job are tooo familiar with,” it continued. “This is, been working my ass off for the American people, good old fashion exhaustion, born of love; not for what your doing, but who your doing it for.”

“This isnt an attempt to say anything,” the caption concluded. “This is a candidd shot that screams ‘Ill  do anything for my country!’”

Check out Trump Jr.’s post here:

The president’s critics have dubbed the image Trump’s “Walk of Shame” after his flopped rally and turned it into a meme.